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Built in the 1800s as a traditional two up - two down farmhouse( the first three windows visible here to the right) Mewslade Cottage has evolved through the years. The next big step was an extension southward including the chimney to the left. This housed a small shop for the village and a bacon slicer upstairs!. It was the first property to  boast a telegram wire in the early 1900's and then became the village post office. The property continued to extend southward,  with a small granny flat added (now the kitchen) and then the barn on far left with chimney. The enterprising Mr Pritchard ran a pony and trap service to Swansea once  a week, an all day affair that would involve the paying customers to get out and walk up Parkmill hill. In the 1960's, a  flat roofed 'VG' shop was added which now has the triangular window in it. This served many of the surrounding villages and the then increasing,  tourist population. In the 1980's it lay unused for a while until it was turned into a reptile centre, this was not a successful venture so the property became derelict until Jem and Anna bought it in 1995. It was in a sorry state with no heating, dangerous wiring, eccentric plumbing and holes in the roof. A year of hard graft got a few rooms liveable in and then started the thirty year project of completely renovating the whole property with many more changes inside and out. A lot of recycled materials and beach finds were incorporated including the doors from the old swansea bus station and Heinz pickle vats. Most recently the study has become 'The Wedge' and the surfboard manufacture and bike storage has become 'The Store'.

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Mewslade Cottage


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